It’s all in the mix.


We will accompany you from the first briefing session to the final invoice. In doing so, we not only see ourselves as an advertising money trustee, but more as a critical partner with many ideas and a sense of perfection.


Media Strategy

Do you want to book and process on your own? No problem! We would be glad to provide you with a media strategy and recommend which media can be put to good use in what situation and which targets are realistic with the available budget.

Target Group Analysis

You know your customers – but do you know your potential new customers? What is the sociodemographic of the target group? What is the media behavior? Where and when do you reach the target group best and with what quality?

Market analysis

Do you spend more money than your competitors? Do you go your own way or do you do the same as the others? We provide you with an overview of the market activities of your competitors and advise you in the selection of a corresponding competitive strategy.


Whether you need search engine marketing, display advertising, mobile advertising, social media, or consulting on the rapidly growing online market, we are here for you! Do you need your own blog today – and how does it look like with an Instagram or YouTube channel? We plan all online measures for you and also provide you with the key figures from our own AdServer.


Quod Erat Demonstration. Radio advertising for two separate weeks or two weeks successively? Online in combination with TV or rather a poster? What does the new advertising messenger or the new appearance bring? How strongly does the weather influence sales? We can prove everything to you!